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3 Tips for Preventing Workplace Injuries

3 Tips for Preventing Workplace Injuries

If you work in the field, in a factory or anywhere else with potential hazards, protecting yourself and preventing workplace injuries are of the utmost importance. While many companies have strict protocols in place to keep their employees safe, accidents still happen all the time. We want our patients and their families to be as safe as possible, so we’ve created a list of a few tips designed to keep you safe at work.

1. Always Wear Personal Protection Equipment

In many workplaces, employees will need to wear personal protective equipment to prevent exposure to hazardous materials or prevent injury. For example, wearing hard hats and steel-toe boots while working in construction is important to reduce the risk of getting hurt from accidental falls or impalements.

Additionally, things like gloves, tight clothes and safety glasses might not be necessary at all times. Still, they can prevent injury if something unexpected happens like a grease fire or chemical leak.

Most people may not think of face masks when they think of personal protection equipment at work, but they have a lot to offer. If you’re working near something dangerous, like chemicals or fire, it’s important to wear safety glasses and a mask over your nose and mouth.

2. Practice Safe Lifting Techniques

One of the most frequent ways people injure themselves at work is by lifting heavy objects. That is why proper lifting techniques are essential when working in a warehouse or doing manual labor. When you’re picking something up, you should always bend at your knees, not at the waist. This will make it easier to use your legs to move the load rather than using your back.

Also, carry equipment low and close to your body whenever possible. When you carry something from the middle, you’re forcing your back muscles to do a lot of work, and it can cause a strain or other injury.

3. Be Informed and Communicate When You See Something

While most people take safety for granted at work, it’s important to ensure everyone follows all of the rules and knows how to stay safe.

If you’re a supervisor, take the time to talk with your employees about the dangers of potential hazards in their work area. Then, make sure everyone knows how to respond if something unexpected happens and use safe techniques for everything from chemical spills to falls.

If you’re an employee, ask questions if there’s something you don’t understand or if you see someone using a technique that seems dangerous. We all need to protect ourselves from injury, so let your supervisors know right away if you’re ever in doubt about any situation related to safety.

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