For any questions or concerns relating to your insurance plan or current claims, please contact our office at Ph: . To facilitate the smooth processing of your claims we ask that you keep these few tips in mind:

  • It is your responsibility to check your insurance benefits and to confirm whether the physician you are seeing is a participating or non-participating provider for your plan. We deal with hundreds of carriers and policies and request that the patient confirm this.
  • If your physician is not in your network, we are still happy to provide you with our consultation and/or surgical care. You may be subject to a higher payment obligation according to the terms of your insurance contract. If this creates a financial hardship for you, then you can submit a request for special consideration of your financial obligation. This should be sent through our office manager.
  • If you are bringing your child in for a school related athletic injury, your school system may have an insurance policy on your child to help cover your claim. Please call your school system to check on any coverage you may have and please bring this information to your appointment, as well as, any secondary insurance you may have on your child.

We hope this helps to clarify some questions you may have regarding your insurance. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance in this area.

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