- John C.

Dr. King spent time explaining my injury to me and made sure I understood what was going on. He was super friendly and definitely knew what he was talking about. I'm all healed up and back to normal thanks to him.

- Amy.

I was in St. Louis for yet another appointment with a surgeon to try and plan an arthroscopic labral hip repair (at an unrelated office). I arrived and found that no such appointment existed! Panicked, as I had driven over three hours from home, I began searching for surgeons.

Near tears I explained the issue to a member of Dr. King’s staff. Not only was his office helpful and courteous, but within the hour they had taken care of everything I had been attempting to do for months (granted I had medical records in hand).

Amazing, pretty much sums up my experience.

Dr. King LISTENED to my opinions and gave me real advice. His staff was quick and efficient without being impersonal.

In the four months prior I had MRI, multiple X-Rays, specialist referrals, injections, and PT appointments to identify the issues and ready myself for surgery. For four months not one of the professionals I saw asked me what I wanted to do or how it affected my daily and future activity.

What a blessing in disguise that the appointment I had originally scheduled that day had never been put in the system. Those four frustrating months were over as soon as I stepped through the doors to Dr. King’s office.

- Mark B.

It’s been 11 months since my rotator repair. Flexibility and strength is back 100%. I’m a carpenter, and routinely lift heavy tools and materials. No pain, no problems. My only regret is that I didn’t have this done years ago.

- Krista T.

Since being treated, I have been doing great. I run 3 to 4 times a week and completed the St. Louis Rock N Roll Half Marathon in October of 2012. On occasion, I do have tightness in the right knee but simply stretch and use a roller along the ITB area of the leg. I have continued with strength training and plan to complete another half marathon in March of 2013.

- L.H.

Everybody there was top notch!

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