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Fast, free, convenient access to an orthopedic specialist when and where you need it.

Motion Orthopaedics has partnered with the HURT! mobile app to offer free virtual after-hours access to orthopaedic specialists for the treatment of sudden, acute injuries. 

The HURT! app is a convenient way for patients to bypass unnecessary visits to the emergency room and receive the attention they need from an entire network of orthopaedic experts. Within minutes of an injury, patients can connect with a specialist to receive a diagnosis and personalized care plan.

Download Hurt! App

Don’t wait for a strain, sprain or crunch to happen.

The HURT! app is intended for new, unexpected injuries and may not be used for post-op or follow-up appointments.

Patients of Motion Orthopaedic should continue following the treatment plan provided by their physician and schedule ongoing, in-office care as needed.

Download Hurt! App
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