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Golfer’s Elbow: Managing Epicondylitis On and Off the Course

Golfer's elbow, also called epicondylitis, should be managed on and off the course to reduce strain, avoid further damage and facilitate healing.
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How to Identify and Treat Common Running Injuries

Understanding how to identify and treat common running injuries can help keep you on track and avoid long-term damage.
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The Athlete’s Guide to Meniscus Tears: Prevention, Diagnosis, and Recovery

Meniscus tears often occur due to excessive force or sudden twisting movements, which are common in sports.
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What are Overuse Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Overuse injuries occur when repetitive stress is placed on a particular body part, leading to tissue damage over time.
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Knee Injuries: Prevention and Treatment Options

Knee injuries can occur unexpectedly, disrupting our lives and casting a shadow over our activities.
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How to Treat a Hyperextended Elbow

To treat a hyperextended elbow, rest, ice, compression, and elevation are good first steps, followed by physical therapy if necessary.
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Rotator Cuff Tears: How They Happen and What You Can Do About Them

Rotator cuff tears can happen from a sudden, acute injury, or they may result from degenerative changes over time.
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A Guide to Bicep Tendon Tears: From Prevention to Recovery

A bicep tendon tear typically results from either a sudden, intense force or the gradual wear and tear of repetitive motion.
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Is a Joint Replacement Permanent?

Joint replacements are designed to outlast the patient they are placed in. However, on rare occasions, joint replacements may need to be corrected.
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How to Walk on Ice Without Slipping or Falling

Knowing how to walk on ice without slipping and falling can help prevent a major injury during the cold, icy months of winter.
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