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What is Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

Shoulder replacement surgery replaces damaged or worn-out parts of the shoulder joint with mechanical components. Shoulder replacements are only performed after the patient has exhausted less invasive treatments and still experiences significant pain.

Types of Shoulder Replacements

There are different types of shoulder replacement surgeries that provide different benefits depending on your specific condition and amount of joint damage.

Total Shoulder Replacement

A total shoulder replacement surgery replaces the entire ball-and-socket joint with similarly shaped prosthetics. This type of surgery is ideal for patients with severe joint damage from arthritis.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement

A reverse shoulder replacement surgery replaces the ball-and-socket joint with prosthetics that are reversed or cupped inward. This surgery is ideal for patients who have rotator cuff damage.

Partial Shoulder Replacement

A partial shoulder replacement surgery replaces only the damaged portions of the ball-and-socket joint without replacing the functional aspects of the joint.

Recovery Process

Shoulder replacements are typically performed on an outpatient basis, so patients can go home the same day of surgery. This allows patients to work on recovery and strengthening their joint in the comfort of their own homes.

The recovery process can take several weeks before the shoulder is back to its optimal strength and range of motion. During this time, patients are advised to follow the detailed instructions from their surgeon and begin physical therapy as soon as possible.

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