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Jordan Farley, DO

Anesthesiologist & Pain Management

neck, back, hip, knee, shoulder, headache, nerve pain, sciatic, and cancer-related pain.

Office: (314) 991-4342

Fax: (844) 395-0839

Learn More About Jordan Farley, DO

Dr. Jordan Farley is an anesthesiologist and pain management physician. He specializes in multidisciplinary pain medicine, addressing his patient’s pain by incorporating physical therapy, medication management, injections, and psychological support along with other conservative treatments. He also treats patients’ painful conditions with spinal cord stimulation, peripheral nerve stimulation, fluoroscopy-guided spinal steroid injections, radiofrequency ablation, kyphoplasty, and other advanced procedures. He completed his fellowship training in pain medicine at Washington University in St. Louis after completing an anesthesiology residency at The University of Texas. During his spare time, he enjoys spending time exploring St. Louis with his wife and three daughters.

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